This clubs unbeaten run might surprise you

At the start of the 22-23 Premier League season, Brentford hasn’t had it easy. Winning only 2 out of

their first 10 games and drawing 4. Only managing to score 10 points landed them in 11th place. One

position better than the previous season

Since late Oct last year, the Bees have managed to keep a clean scorecard, placing them at 9th place on

the table.

Thomas Frank’s side managed to beat the likes of Man City, West Ham, and Liverpool winning 6 out of

their last 12 games. In the last dozen fixtures, Brentford has scored 22 goals, conceded 11, and won 23

points in the process.

The Bees haven’t been the only team this season who have gone with a clean scorecard.

Newcastle is the team who have kept the season high with 17 fixtures. Between February and

September, the Magpies went without a single loss.

From the 6 leading teams in the PL, theres only one that has the right to say they’ve beaten the Bees

unbeaten streak. Arsenal’s streak started with Brentford and carried on for several months. It shockingly

ended with a 1-0 loss at the Goodison Park Stadium early February against Everton.

Last season’s winner started the new season off strong. City went on an unbeaten streak for 9 games,

scoring 23 points. Placing 2nd on the table, Man City conceded 33 goals.

Guardiola’s side went through 12 matches unbeaten in the previous season.

From the start of the season until September 17th, Spurs kept their sheet clean for 7 games.

Unfortunately losing to the table leaders 3-1.

From early September until late Oct, Chelsea went 6 games unbeaten.

Topping out at 5 games unbeaten, Man United and Liverpool tie.

Putting Brentford unbeaten streak into further context, one team from Bundesliga and one from Ligue 1

are the only other teams to avoid league loss in 2023

It's also safe to say that Brentford can brag about having the most consistent penalty taker amongst their players. Ivan Toney has kept a perfect score since his team entered the top 10. Toney has scored 10 goals from all 10 penalties that he took.

Ivorian midfielder, Yaya Touré is the only one who has a better score than Toney with 11 goals from his penalties.

Out of his 55 Premier League matches, Toney scored 27 goals of which 22 of those goals were penalties.

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