Tennis is a sport that you play with a racket and a tennis ball. This sport is one player who play against another player or you can play teams with two players on each team. The player who is not able to hit the ball will get no point. Tennis is a Olympic sport what is played at all levels and ages. Tennis is played by millions of people and is also a popular worldwide sport.

Contact No
Team Members Singles or Partners
Mixed gender Yes, separate tours
Type Outdoor and indoor
Equipment Tennis ball and Tennis racket
Venue Tennis court
Glossary Glossary and tennis

The players start on the opposite side of each other. The player with the ball in his hand is the server and the other player is the receiver. The sever has so stand behind the baseline, between the center and the sideline. The player who is the receiver can stand anywhere on their side. When the ball hits the net it is called a net service. The person who has the most points win the match.

 You need to score more the four points to win the game.
15-(1 point)
30-(2 points)
40-(3 points)

Rules of tennis
Rule 1: Starts with a coin toss to see which player serve first and which side they want to be.
Rule 2:No feet in front of the baseline.
Rule 3:If the ball struck without the serve bouncing then the server will get the point.
Rule 4:Once the serve has been made the amount of shots between the players can be unlimited.
Rule 5:You need four points to win the game.
Rule 6:When the ball is outside of the line the ball is out.