Second semi-final City v Madrid

Last night we saw the second leg of the Champions League semi-final take place at the Etihad Stadium. After last week’s match ended in a draw, both teams were looking at finishing the game with a definite winner who will then face Inter Milan in the final on the 10th of June.

In their last 5 meetings, The Blues have only lost once against Real Madrid under Pep’s management. City battled to win any of their first 4 matches between the 2012 to 2016 seasons.

During their UEFA Champions League season, Madrid hasn’t managed to win any of their last away games. In fact their lost 2 out of the four.

In their last 2 away games, Real Madrid faced English football teams in the knockout stages. They managed to win both times during the UEFA Champions League. Only once has there been a team with three consecutive away game wins against an English team during the knockout stages. They not only did it during the 2013-14 season, but Barcelona did it again in the 2015-16 season.

Lyon was the last away team to win on City home Turf during the Champions League Season back in September 2018. Since then City has won 25 home games. Only 2 teams have ever had a better score than City. Barcelona consecutively won their home games 38 times from 2013 to the 2020 season. Bayern Munich totaled 29 home game wins between 1998-2002.

Wednesday’s game also saw another record broken as Carlo Ancelotti coached his 191st game in the Champions League season. He surpassed Alex Fergusons’ record of 190 games back when he still managed Man United from 1986 - 2013. Ancelotti also celebrated his 50th game as manager of Real Madrid. The second manager to reach his 50th game with 2 teams. He managed Milan for 73 games from 1987-1992. Pep has the same amount of games managed – with City he was in charge for 73 matches and 50 games with Barcelona.

City started Wednesday’s game off strong and you could see that they weren’t here to play games. Strikes opportunities were being made early on in the game from City’s side.

Bernado put City in the lead and found the back of the net halfway into the first half.

He did so again 15min later making it harder for Madrid to catch up.

5 min into the second half Dias got the first yellow card of the night. Real Madrid soon followed with defender Carvajal.

City once again scored with an assist from De Bruyne. Akanji knocked the ball in the direction of the goalpost but VAR had to step in for a possible offside after Militao deflects the ball into his own net.

City finished off the night with another goal from striker Julian Alvarez ending the night off with a 5-1 aggregate from both matches.

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