Portugal vs Uruguay

Did you watch the match at 8 on Saturday between Portugal and Uruguay? If you didn’t let’s see how your favourite team did:
A bit of History: This is the third time Uruguay and Portugal went head to head against each other and the first time at a World Cup match. Although they have met since 1972 when they drew at the Rio de Janeiro stadium 1-1. Having only lost one out of 17 major tournaments, excluding the penalty shootouts, Portugal is a very strong team. However, they have lost their last three games in the World Cup knockout stages. Will they make this a fourth time?
Uruguay has been eliminated 3 out of the 4 times they reached the round of 16 when the format was changed to include a round of 16 in 1986. They lost in 1986, 1990 and 2014.
Uruguay won the ever first WorldCup in 1930 and they are looking to win their opening four games for only the second time since then.
Yet to concede a goal, Uruguay faced only six shots on target in three games.

Match highlights:
Portugal fall behind as the duo, Suarez and Cavani link up to score the first goal for Uruguay at 7min. Edinson Cavani nets the first goal. Luiz Suarez has assisted Edinson Cavani for the 12th time and it being the first since November 2016.
At 26’ Uruguay have only touched the ball twice in Portugals box and one of them resulted in their first goal.
Halftime and Uruguay’s strategic defence are keeping Portugal for scoring anything so far.
And finally, 10’ after the second half starts, Portugals defender Pepe heads past Muslera after Guerreiro whips a cross into the middle scoring a goal for Portugal. The first goal conceded against Uruguay at this World Cup. 597 consecutive minutes ended of no goals conceded against Uruguay.
Uruguay’s striker puts them in the lead again not even 10’ after Portugals goal. Edinson Cavani restores their lead when he superbly curves the ball past Patricio straight into the far corner of the net after Bentancur feeds him the ball. Cavani’s scoring game strong for this match scoring both of them.
Uruguay makes the first substitution at 63’ when midfielder Rodrigo makes way for Cristian Rodriguez.
We then see Portugal make their first substitution at 65’ when Ricardo Quaresma steps in for Adrien Silva. Again at 74’ André Silva replaces Goncalo Guedes.
Also making a chance to their attack was Uruguay at 74’ when Cristhian Stuani steps out onto the field. Edinson Cavani steps off with an injury while Cristiano Renaldo shows some sportsmanship and helps him off the field.
Another substitution is seen at 81’ when Uruguay put Carlos Andréa Sanches on the field and takes Nahitan Nandez off.
Portugal Also makes their last substitution at 85’ and put Manuel Fernandes on the field and Joao Mario steps off. At 90’ Portugal still, haven’t managed to score another goal and possibly draw before the extra time begins. 3’ into extra times and the first yellow card is awarded to none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Furious he yells at the referee after being denied a free-kick after Quaresma fell to the ground. If they lose this game Ronaldo might not play the next world cup and Portugal will miss the quarter-final. After another 4’ the match ends and Uruguay walks away heading towards the quarters to face off France.