LeBron James leaves Cleveland Cavaliers

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LeBron James (33) born in Akron, Ohio, United States has left his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time in his NBA career. James previously departed from his hometown in 2010 to join Miami Heat. The four-time NBA most valuable player, who has played in the past eight NBA Finals has signed a four year, $154 million contract. He signed with the league’s most seminal clubs “Los Angeles Lakers”. Thus adding to the legacy of legends such as Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson whom he looked up to when he was younger. It has always been one on LeBron’s dreams to play for Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James delivered the first championship to the city in 52 years. This was in the era of 2015-2016 when the Cavaliers won the NBA title. The Cavaliers rallied down from 3-1 in the best of seven final against Golden State Warriors, a team that had set a league record of 73-9 during the regular season. The Cavaliers became the first team in NBA history to make an astounding comeback.

James leaves the Cavaliers as the team’s leader. With stats shown as, average points per game “27.5”, average rebounds per game “8.6”, average assists per game “9.1”. He played in all 82 games for the first time in his 15-year career in 2017-2018. James became the first player in NBA history to lead the post-season in scoring and switching teams during the off-season.

LeBron James has not only departed to Los Angeles Lakers but has also left something behind. James recently opened a public school for at-risk students named the “IPROMISE School” in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

James has done exceptionally well for himself so far. If he keeps it up, his history will write itself.

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