Joshua vs. Povetkin results: Joshua 7th-round TKO of Povetkin.

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Joshua vs. Povetkin fight review

Anthony Joshua further boosted his claim to be the biggest active star in boxing. With a pounding seventh-round stoppage of Alexander Povetkin on Saturday. In front of 80,000 of his noisy compatriots at Wembley Stadium. Joshua defended his WBA, WBO, and IBF world heavyweight titles and bigger things await.

The heavyweight division has been perished for longer than any boxing fan cares to remember, but it is alive and well now. Much of that is a result of the buzz and excitement surrounding him. Joshua has knocked out all but one of his opponents. Hopefully, for the sake of the sport, his next fight will be against the winner of December’s battle between WBC champion Deontay Wilder and former titleholder Tyson Fury.

Joshua’s appeal derives from his ferocious knockout power and abundant charisma. But there is also the element of the unknown. As his defense is suspect enough to make him far from fallible. Povetkin, defeated only once before Saturday, gave Joshua all he could handle for a couple of rounds, then things turned decisively.

Round review

Round One

Povetkin looked intense in the walk-in. Joshua relaxed as his elaborate ring walk unfolded. Joshua controlled the round for the most part, but a late flurry from Povetkin saw the Russian connect with three punches and left Joshua dazzled before the bell rang. 10-9 Povetkin after one.

Round TWO

Joshua’s nose was bloodied as he emerged from the corner. The challenger seemed encouraged by the sight and put together another solid round. Joshua struggling to connect with his big shots and his jab with any real frequency.

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Round Three

Another slow start to the round for Joshua, but he came back into it slightly. Both fighters struggled to land punches. Although Povetkin went into his shell too much and likely will have paid for it on the scorecard.  29-28 to Povetkin.

Round Four

Joshua’s feet came to life. Slipping out of the way of danger with greatly enhanced ease. The English commentators could be heard getting very excited about a cut over Povetkin’s left eye. It was caused by an accidental head collision and didn’t appear to restrain Povektin’s vision.

Round Five

Joshua should be able to see Povetkin’s overhand right coming. Even so, a few have slipped through, perhaps just enough to squeeze out the round. 48-47 to Povetkin after five.

Round Six

Povetkin is beginning to run out of steam. It is not spectacular stuff. Although Joshua is showing exactly how hard he is to beat. His accuracy is not perfect tonight, but he has settled now and is looking to assert himself further. 57-57.

Round Seven

He begins the round with more attacking purpose and it takes a toll on Povetkin. At the midway point, he steps up another gear and unleashes some thudding shots. Povetkin goes DOWN! The Russian fights his way to his feet with heart and bravery but he is wobbling. Joshua moves in for the kill. Another barrage follows. Then the referee jumps in. Just as the challenger is about to fall to the canvas again. Anthony wins by TKO 7 and retains his belts and further boost his reputation as the greatest heavyweight on the planet.

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