#Fun in the sand

#Fun in the sand

Beach volleyball is played by two teams with two players on each side with a ball on the sand divided by a net . A team is allowed by three touches to return the ball over the net, an individual player are not allow to touch the ball twice. The ball must be serve into the air and hit over the net to the other side. The teams must play until the ball touches the ground or then the ball is out.


Contact No
Team members 2 per side
Mixed gender Single and mixed
Type Outdoor
Equipment Beach volleyball
Glossary Volleyball jargon
Country or region Worldwide
Olympic Since 1996
World Games 1993




Beach volleyball was a indoor sport which was invented by William G. Morgan in the 1895s. Most of the games was played with 6 players on each side. The first tournament was the Olympia World Championship of Beach volleyball on Labor weekend in 1976 on State Beach.



  • Court – The court is 16m long and 8 m wide. The court is divided by two halves, the two side lines are the out lines.
  • Ball – The ball must be made of flexible and water resistant material.
  • Teams – There is two teams with two players on each side.
  • Scoring – The team scores when the ball lands on the opposite teams court.


Four hits ·         When a team uses more than three contacts.
Assisted hit ·         A player uses any object as support to hit the ball.
Double contact ·         When a player contact the ball two times.
Catch/lift ·         When the player catches or throw the ball.
Service order fault ·         A team serve out the order.
Foot fault ·         When a players foot touches the court before a service hit.
Net touch ·         When a player touches the net while playing the ball.