France vs Argentina

Some insights from this weekends matches. Let’s start off with the first knockout round between France and Argentina.
A bit of History: So we know they have faced off each other before and Saturday was the 12th time they were going head to head. Argentina had the upper hand against the French winning 8 out of the 11 previous encounters.
The last times they played against the French in the #FIFAWorldCup they won both matches back in 1930 and 1978. They also reached the final these years and lost in 1930 but won in 1978. Argentina was the last South American team to be able to win the French and this was also in 1978. The French are unbeaten in 8 World Cup fixtures.
Argentinas had 14 appearances in the World Cup so far and has gone past the first round 12 out of 13 times. Losing out in 2002.

Match highlights:
Marcos Rojo, Argentinian defender gets a yellow card in the first 11 ‘utes. The Manchester United defender went from hero to zero when he gave away a penalty to France and they scored a goal at 13 ‘. Antoine Griezmann, a striker from France, puts the ball in the bottom corner while Armani moved a fraction too early and missing the ball. At the World Cup and European Championships finals tournaments, Griezmann has been directly involved in 10 out 15 goals for France.
19 ‘ in and Nicolas Tagliafico also receives a yellow card for Argentina.
Some hope for Argentina when Angel Di Maria scores a goal for Argentina just before halftime. He boots the goal from almost 35 yards away and with a lot of power the ball arches away from goalkeeper Lloris’ hand, straight into the top corner.
Another yellow card for Argentina from defender Javier Mascherano just before halftime.
First yellow card receiver, Marcos Rojo, gets substituted with Federico Fazio at the beginning of the second half.
Mercado deflects Messi’s goal straight home for Argentina and they are in the lead with their second goal. After which Argentina sadly get another yellow card when midfielder, Ever Banega, slides in on Mbappe and hands them another free kick from which they could not put straight in the net.
After 57 ‘ France manages to draw up against Argentina and is finally back in the game when Benjamin Pavard scores a sublime goal. Within 10 ‘ another goal is scored from midfielder, Kylian Mbappe putting France in the lead for the second time in the match 3-2.
Another substitution for Argentina when they are in need of a goal, Sergio Aguero steps out onto to the field and Enzo Perez steps off.
Kylian Mbappe makes it a double, 4 ‘ after his first goal for this match putting in into the bottom corner of the net.
First two yellow cards minutes after each other for France from Blaise Matuidi, midfielder, and earlier goal scorer Benjamin Pavard.
More substitution this time for both Argentina and France between minutes 75 and 89.
We go into extra time and finally, Argentina’s earlier substitute, Aguero, gets assistance from Messi and scores another goal but it isn’t enough as France takes this win home at 6’ extra time.
Before the match ends we could see a bit of aggravation from both Argentina and France with Nicolas Otamendi and Olivier Giroud respectively getting a yellow card. Otamendi kicks the ball into Pogba after being challenged by Mercado, and Giroud squares up to Otamendi.

Since 1986, Argentina is the first team to score 3 goals and still lose out on moving on in the World Cup.
This is the 9th time that Argentina has won the Americas when they lost in 1978.
This is the fifth time Argentina has conceded 4+ goals in a World Cup match. First time losing in the quarters 0-4 against Germany in 2010.