France – Versatility

First up we will see France and Belgium battle it out to see where they will stand in the top 4.

What does France bring to a game that makes them so unique?

Some journalists have recently claimed that Le Bleus have a thousand faces but no real identity. Frances manager Didier Deschamps, could’ve been criticized for this aspect of his team but it could in fact be a vital attribute contributing to them making it to the top 4. During the group matches, their match against Argentina was spectacular and then again efficient and solid against Uruguay. Was there three different teams playing. No just their tactics seemed to change.

They have mastered the skill to adapt to their style depending on who their opponents are. This ability is rare to acquire and execute perfectly. Their tactical setup could be 4-3-3 one match and then 4-2-3-1 the next. Deschamps can decide either to use Kylian Mbappe’s speed to destabilise defense or Olivier Girouds size. We’ve seen this throughout their last matches in the WC. With no weak teams anymore and even Germany and Spain had a hard time trying to play their game. Possession doesn’t ensure victory and experience also doesn’t guarantee success. You must have options and that is everything you need.