England – Variety

Today England and Croatia will battle it out for a spot in the finals and the other will try and beat Belgium to at least be able to place third in the World Cup.

So what does England have that Croatia doesnt. Today we will have a look at England’s unique strength and what they bring to the table.

They have multiple strengths and it was difficult to point out the one that stands out the most. Since Gareth Southgates side always find new ways to win. This young and ever-improving team is constantly using confidence, a modern system and togetherness to its advantage. Well prepared for any match situation, any opposition and their game management is ruthlessly effective.

There’s always a first for everything and they won their first ever World Cup penalty shootout right here in Russia. England have many individual stars like heroic goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and also the tournament top scorer – Harry Kane – who also is just 24 years old.

The last time this team reached the semi-final was in 1990. This is also the most complete side we’ve seen from England and yet with this modern, patient and composed team they are also breaking the three lions mould. They are here to make history.