Bowls are a sport in which the objective is to roll biased balls so that they stop closer to a smaller ball called a “jack”. It is normally played outdoors on grass. The sport was played in the 13th century.


Bowls is usually played on grass or surface known as a bowling green which is divided into parallel strips called “Rinks”. Green come in all shapes and sizes, fast , slow, big crowns and small crowns. A bowl may curve out the rink boundary om its path. They are flipping a coin so see who starts the game. In 1864 William Wallace published his “Manual of Bowls Playing.


• a Player in a singles game reaches a specified target number of shots.
• a Team has the higher score after a specified number of ends.

The winner must have more then 21 points to will the game. The bowls are made of materials and with weight in the ball. The bowls were only made in two colours black and brown now they are made in variety colours. The bowls also have unique symbols. Bowls are also played by blind people and it is a all-year sport.

Where they play