#Ice Hockey

#Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a contact sport they play on ice in a rink. Two teams of skaters use a stick to shoot a rubber puck for a point. There is six players in a team, one goaltender and five players who skate up and down trying to score a goal. Ice hockey is most popular in Canada.




Contact Full contact
Team members *3 Forwards

*2 Defensemen

*1 Goaltender

Type *Team sport

*Stick sport

*Puck sport

*Winter sport

Venue *Hockey rink or area and is sometimes played on a frozen lake or pond for recreation.



#Hockey rink


Minor Penalty: (Two minutes) When the player is called for elbowing, holding and hooking the other team.

Major Penalty: (Five minutes) When the person is called for fighting and spearing.

Misconduct: (Ten minutes) When they call a person for his behavior.

Penalty Shot: A penalty shot is a free shot for the other team.

Delayed Penalty: The penalized team regains possession of the puck.