# Golf

# Golf


#What is golf all about

It is a game what is played on a open air course, where you hit a small hard ball into holes into the ground. The full game stands out of 18 holes. The 18-hole was created by the old course at St Andrews.


# a Golf course


A golf course is either 9 or 18 holes. The levels of grass are varied to increase or to allow for putting in the case of the green. Some holes may bend to the left or to the right. This is called a “dogleg” in reference to a dog’s knee. The first golf course was on a sheep farm in Downers Grove.

#Play of the game

  • Teeing ground
  • Water hazard
  • Rough
  • Out of bounds
  • Sand dunker
  • Water hazard
  • Fairway
  • Putting green
  • Flagstick
  • Hole

# Rules to play golf

Rule 1  Clubs in your bag Are allowed to carry 14 clubs during a round.
Rule 2  Play within the parameters of the tee The first tee shot of a round is always daunting, even for seasoned golfers.
Rule 3 Avoid playing the wrong ball Playing the wrong ball in matchplay could mean loss of hole in singles and will be a two stroke penalty in strokeplay.
Rule 4 Green rulings ·         Once the ball comes to rest on the putting surface you may mark it with a coin.

·         You may repair any pitchmarks

·         Flagstick either attended at all times but must not strike it.

Rule 5 Play your ball as it lies Always play your ball as it lies, wherever it comes to rest.
Rule 6 Unplayable lies ·         Either hit another ball from the point of your previous shot.

·         Drop a ball behind the unplayable lie

·         Drop the ball within two club lengths side of the unplayable lie.

Rule 7  No way back from out of Bounds A ball hit beyond the confines of the course must be re-played from the original position adding a penalty of one stroke.
Rule 8 Seeking advice You can not ask advice for example from anyone other than your team mate or a caddie.
Rule 9 Definition of ball striking Striking the ball would seem like a matter of technique but it also governed in part by the rules.
Rule 10 Score correctly At the end of a strokeplayround make sure your card has been completed correctly.