Darts is a sport where a dart is thrown at a circular target. The equipment is a set of 3 darts and a dartboard. The old name for a dartboard is a “butt”. Quality dartboard are made of sisal fibers, less expensive boards are made of cork or paper. Modern darts have four parts the point, barrels, shafts and the flight.


#Scoring dart board

Hitting outside the wire you get no points. The dart only scores if the dart touches the surface. The highest score with 3 darts is 180 points. The players should aim for the center of the dart board. There is many games that can be played on a dart board. A game of darts can only be played by two players who takes turns. The last dart have to be in the bull or in a double to win the game. You do not have to throw al 3 darts at the end. Standard height from the floor is 5 feet 8 inches.



Other dart games

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*Dart ball

*Dart golf


*Halve it


*Lawn darts

*Moving target

*Round the clock